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Inspired by the life of a flower, Bon-Psy navigates varying emotional states that capture the essence of the journey through existence. Joy, grief, despair, love & hope. Blüm depicts what it is to be alive in movie esque fashion, with singer Shauni providing a poignant narrative that unifies the lifecycle of a flower with our own lives as human beings. 
'Despite the garden you've been dealt, it's still a garden. Your garden. When it feels you have nothing left to give, water it with a new perspective and watch what blooms there. Here you can allow your flowers to grow toward the sun into brighter days.'


Enlisting elements of traditional Electronic music but combining them with an experimental aesthetic, ‘Elation’ presents a dynamic release bursting with infectious yet eloquent vocals which highlight the producer’s exceptional ability to create forward thinking music.

This new release captures a sense of euphoria and passion that is often lost in today’s Electronic music landscape, reminding producers and listeners alike what is capable with only a laptop and an intense fascination of sound.

Closing off the production, Bon-Psy experiments with his interpretation of a Jazz/Electronic hybrid invoking images of an artist joyous and at play with his craft. 

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Bon-Psy & Visco City, two of the most exciting new artists within the Experimental Electronica scene, worked together in harmonious fashion to create ‘Serene’. Effortlessly blending their two unique styles together to create something magical. ‘Serene’ is a rollercoaster, an amalgamation of different styles that they are able to effortlessly weave in and out of. Here they find balance between their approaches, and the result is five minutes of Electronic bliss.


‘Ikigai’ (the Japanese concept related to finding one’s purpose), is a leap into uncharted territory in the Experimental Electronic scene, and once again an artist defining piece nailing down the staples of the Bon-Psy sound.

A sprawling exploration of the depths of Electronica, ‘Ikigai’ is mosaic in nature, presenting a driving groove, majestic vocal lines and goose bump inducing progressions that are nothing short of a spectacle.

With this new single, the young artist takes strides into discovering his capabilities as a musician, but also, identifying his purpose as a human being.

Bon-Psy teams up with, Alek Sandar and Andrea to release, 'Never Be The Same Again - Bon-Psy Remix. This multi-layered, experimental remix pushes the sound of Electronic music forward with its spin on the 2000 hit by Spice Girl, Melanie C. and the late, TLC group member, Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes. From beginning to end, this track is sure to take each listener on a blissful journey with its mixture of slow progression and upbeat hooks.

‘Onyx’ is a culmination of ideas, experimentation, personal experiences and tireless effort as a young producer with unparalleled commitment towards fulfilling his desire of creating captivating Electronic music.

This first piece is meticulous yet moving, each section entices new discoveries with gorgeous piano, melodic passages and diversified drum rhythms imparting new layers of ear candy that unravel with every listen.

‘Onyx’ is a breath of fresh air, the start of a new chapter, and the beginnings of something extraordinary in the Electronic music scene.

Niya demonstrates the prodigious UK-native firing on all creative cylinders, unleashing an ambient four-track narrative, which further enumerates his creative composure. The EP composes riveting spatial appeal, utilizing effervescent synths, heavenly chords, and gripping percussion for a seamless listening experience from start to finish.
This lucid dream inspired instrumental will have you in a daze or dream state of mind. Some find it pure bliss; others might find it magical. Midnight provides a feeling of subtle melancholy and dazzle rare to find in electronic music.
Bounce, true to its name, is a groovy leftfield/Future Bass hybrid that is as slick as it is technically proficient. Bounce presents future beat music with a Jazzy touch and live piano to soothe the ears. 


Old Souls is a joyful piece, evoking feelings of nostalgia and a care free spirit. This track brings to mind the experience of running across a sunset covered beach with a brimming smile. 
One of the more accessible Bon-Psy releases, Words To Say is simple yet effective with its stripped back style and infectious vocal hooks which are sure to stick in your brain.