• There is a phrase I often say to people which is “nothing really matters”. Around the time I was in hospital, I remember reading it and found myself pondering it for a long time. For me, it coincides with Elation, which is the feeling I got when I truly understood that phrase.


    It’s an easy thing to say or understand, but to actually feel it there is a sense of breaking through mentally that takes time to develop. “Elation” (the song) is me capturing that moment in my life, allowing me to put myself in a state of mind that can calm me down when things aren’t going well and to bring me immense joy.


    It grounds you in the moment and gives you an opportunity to notice the little subtleties of life that you often ignore or don’t notice. This ties in with both the tune and the artwork which are intricately layered and pieced together, encouraging further dissection. 'Elation' is a snapshot of my mental state but also an invitation to listen and look closer